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VIDIZMO Whitepapers

VIDIZMO whitepapers discuss various video challenges faced by industry leaders across the board and explain how to effectively use video for corporate communication, training, marketing, asset & evidence management.

How VIDIZMO is Supercharging Your Investment in WOWZA

Learn how VIDIZMO is helping WOWZA customers to Build an Efficient, Scalable, and User-Friendly YouTube-like portals for corporate communication, education, training and entertainment.

Why Video is the Future of Learning & Development

Detailed guide on how to convince decision makers that video is the future of Learning & Development.

Cloud vs. On-Premise

Determine the Best Deployment Model for Your Enterprise Video Strategy.

Digital Evidence Management

How law enforcement agencies can bring down the cost and resources used to manage mounting digital evidence.


Explore why an on-premises video streaming architecture is still ideal for a great variety of enterprise needs.


Learn why today's corporate L&D departments need a video platform to execute & manage their video learning strategy.

Video for Corporate Communications

Video-based communication is pervasive within any organization today. Enterprises now use video.


How an enterprise video platform can reform and innovate the healthcare industry for improved care accessibility, technological efficiency, cost savings, and overall quality improvement.


Findings from an IDC study show that employees spend an average of 9.5 hours per week searching for information.


From SaaS Shared Cloud deployments that can be completed in 30 seconds to full-scale, behind-the-firewall on-premises deployments, VIDIZMO offers a variety of options suited to each customer’s specific business and IT needs.


The market for enterprise video content management (EVCM) is booming. In fact, a recent study reveals that the EVCM industry is set to be worth around $13.3 billion by 2022. The skyrocketing trend is driven by the swift rise of video and digital media assets in the enterprise.


A workforce segment is critical to the future of business as millennials, requisites a deeper understanding of their needs in the workplace, including their work style, their preference for technological applications, devices, business modes of communication, and content consumption.