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Whitepaper | Securely Managing The Influx of Recorded Zoom Meetings

The pandemic has resulted in a large influx in the usage of Zoom for online meetings. If your organization is recording these meetings, it's important to manage these recorded meetings in a secure way and at the same time maximize their potential

Executive Summary

Recorded meetings contain confidential information and personal data, that need to be protected from unauthorized access to avoid the risk of breaching compliance. Protecting a few handful videos is easy but what would you do when 1000s of videos are being recorded – The limited video management options in Zoom simply don’t cut it. Many organizations disable Zoom recordings to avoid these risks. 

This paper first explores why businesses must continue to record their Zoom meetings rather avoiding it due to compliance and security scares. It then discusses how organizations can securely manage them in a cloud video platform for greater productivity.

Author: Sabika Tasneem

Technology Content Strategist at VIDIZMO LLC

Sabika is an expert on video conferencing, streaming and content management solutions. She has researched in-depth regarding their benefits, obstacles, and future potential.

Managing Recorded Zoom Meetings

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