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Whitepaper | Hosting and Managing Large Video Files

Examining the seven major challenges organizations face while managing large video files and how an effective enterprise video platform helps you overcome them

Executive Summary

Have large video files piling up to be in TBs? Finding it hard to manage these effectively? Not able to avail their full potential? There is no denying the struggle involved in handling large video files. But you can't refute all the value hidden inside their usage as well. Organizational knowledge management, future review, record keeping, asynchronous learning and whatnot. Who is to say that you can't avail all their benefits while avoiding all the problems you face in managing these massive videos?

In this white paper, we discuss all the various problems you might encounter while managing these large files, including high storage cost, lack of storage scalability, extremely time-taking and high-risk sharing options, and so on. With an in-depth understanding of why you face all the various hindrances, we will present to you the ultimate enterprise video content management system, VIDIZMO, that allows you to save time while cost-effectively overcoming all the major challenges faced in the management of these large videos.

Read this white paper to know all the powerful capabilities present inside VIDIZMO that automates your video processes for smooth video streaming and effective management in a secure and compliant environment.

Author: Sabika Tasneem

Technology Content Strategist at VIDIZMO LLC

Sabika is an expert on video conferencing, streaming and content management solutions. She has researched in-depth regarding their benefits, obstacles, and future potential.

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