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Implementing the Right VIDIZMO Deployment Model for Your Organization

See which deployment model is best suited for your organization and how to streamline implementation

From SaaS Shared Cloud deployments that can be completed in 30 seconds to full-scale, behind-the-firewall on-premises deployments, VIDIZMO offers a variety of options suited to each customer’s specific business and IT needs.

Learn the specifics of VIDIZMO deployments, what each option entails, how you can move towards implementation, common roadblocks during implementation, and how VIDIZMO recommends resolving those challenges to streamline deployment.

In this whitepaper, we analyzed some of our most complex dedicated deployments to understand factors that add to implementation time:
  • Deployment Scope
  • Access Rights and Permissions
  • Customizations
  • Stakeholder Buy-In on Project Scope
  • Internal Corporate Structure and Processes
  • Deploying on an Isolated Network

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