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10 Important Factors to Consider in Your Enterprise Video Platform RFP

Based on our experience, customer requirements, and future trends, here's a list of 10 important factors that are worth looking into and will help you in preparing functional requirements for your enterprise video platform RFP. 

Executive Summary

If your organization is looking for a solution to manage growing amounts of video content, then an enterprise video platform or content management system can help. Video platforms can be as simple as ones that allow you to upload a video and share its link with your intended recipients. They can be complex and have features such as eCDN support, IAM integrations, AI, content segregation etc.  

The bottom-line, you need a solution with the right capabilities to help you fulfill your unique requirements. Here is a rundown of 10 capabilities that you should research into and include in your video platform RFP, as they would greatly help you in using your video content at its greatest potential.

Author: Shahan Zafar Syed

Product Marketing Manager at VIDIZMO LLC

Shahan is an expert in video streaming and management technologies, actively researching and consolidating information regarding innovative features, customer challenges and emerging trends in this domain. 

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